Tuesday, January 10, 2006

On Cannabis, Apple and Tetris

If further evidence that cannabis is indeed good for your health is needed, check out this article on the Independent. Said article also quoted a parent who rather her son do cocaine than wasting his life away in front of a PlayStation. Which is reasonable enough seeing that the PlayStation was a mind-numbing (what with its badly done pseudo-3D graphics) awful console. But I do wonder what happened to that former flat mate who received double whammy of coke and PlayStation daily.

Rant: I do wish that the mainstream media (including the Beeb, who has in the past year fallen victim to Apple's spin department) would just stop talking about Apple (the PC company, not the fruit). Okay so they switched to using Intel chipsets now, but what is the big fucking deal? I am aware that Apple is currently the tech and media darling in Britain but is a launch considered newsworthy? A similar overhyped coverage of the 360 was also given but little was said about the Nintendo DS record sales figure (well the cheaper price, great games and the fact that it was available did help).

Who here actually remember Tetris on the original Gameboy? I didn't own a Gameboy, but I always made sure I arrived at tuition early and wrestle the console from the tutor's kid (he was six) thus crushing his pathetic high score. Ah, the memories. And now the original Russian puzzle is coming to the DS. The colourful LSD inspired graphics looks good. Multiplayer via Wi-Fi too. Can't wait.


ShaolinTiger said...

Dude I really don't need any more evidence that Cannabis is TEH GOOD!

Jon said...

90% of Malaysians do.