Tuesday, January 31, 2006

BBC's Chinatown

There is a one hour programme on BBC Two right now called Chinatown. This is part two out of three (the first one was broadcasted last week, next one next week). In this part, the Beeb explores the hidden world of illegal Chinese (China) immigrants and how their lives revolves in the UK. As they dodge police and try to overcome the language barrier, their families in rural China has no idea on how difficult a life their relatives in the UK has to overcome.

The Chinatown 'elders' are pretty pathetic though. They do fit into the stereotype of a bunch of old fatties sitting in a Chinese restaurant eating while discussing Britain's Chinese politics by babbling out incoherent mumblings on philosophical ideals or whatever.


wonderful-electric.co.uk said...

Damn. Forgot it was on.

One of the researchers emailed me ages ago wanting to talk to me since i appeared to be a non-standard British-Born-CHinese type. But I never got back to her. Damn. World fame could have been mine. All mine!

Jon said...

LOL. What but wtf is 'non-standard BBC'??

Anonymous said...

hey jon, be cool and dont grease off the 'elders' of Chinatown tv doc. people get old and hopefully, wise. what they were doing was all right. they weren't bumping anybody off or complaining. they'd earned their day. they are good.I think they were more interesting than all the other negatives in the series. their anectodes kept me watching in a what would have been quite despressing experience