Friday, January 13, 2006

TV Review: Doctor Who: Christmas Invasion

Doctor Who: Christmas Invasion was broadcasted on Christmas Day and only now had I the chance to finally write about it. I watched it alone of course. The idea of watching killer Santas on Christmas Day wasn't something Jennifer would even entertain but who cares, right? This review contains spoilers.

Basically the premise of the episode is the arrival of the regenerated Doctor - a fresh face David Tennant who replaced Christopher Eccleston (Shallow Grave) as the 10th Time Lord. This is also the first stab at a proper Christmas special - something we all love on our telly.

The Doctor spent most of the episode in bed and in his pyjamas - part of his regeneration process I guess. Because of this, Billie Piper's Rose (she is not as useless as she seems) had a larger than usual role in this episode as she attempts to step into the Doctor's shoes. All is not well as Sycorax appears to be able to control a third of the human population. There was also a sub plot earlier on in the episode where the Doctor was targeted by killer Santas and a Christmas tree. It was very funny in a Brit sort of way.

Of course - and you would be stupid to not guess it - the Doctor awakes by a cup of tea and defeated the alpha Sycorax - all while still in his pyjamas. Very Arthur Dent I might add - even the Doctor agrees. And here is the kicker, the anti-war message of the episode. In a reference to Margaret Thatcher's General Belgrano debacle, the PM in Christmas Invasion had the fleeing gunship (who surrendered) cowardly destroyed. The Doctor being Doctor Who of course made sure that she got what she deserved.

Special effects were top notch for a British based production. The opening TARDIS crash scene on the Powell Estate was pretty neat with the Police Box bouncing off walls.

David Tennant did well in his full Doctor Who debut and seemed funnier than the last Doctor. I can't wait for the new season to begin this Spring.

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