Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Sony E3 nonsense

Is this the end of Sony? Probably not. But I really doubt anyone came out impressed by their E3 press conference. Cocky presentation. You can note the lack of enthusiasm from almost everyone, including Sony's Phil Harrison. Too many technical jargon, most of which I understand, but casual gamers would probably be put off by.

Graphics are sorely lacking and doesn't seem to fit the '4D' graphics that Sony touted. GT4 souped up with anti-aliased being presented for like 10 minutes. Xbox Live rip-off. The PS3 looks just as huge as an Xbox 360. If this is what Sony can muster I say that Nintendo has just won the next generation console gaming war.

Boring boring boring! I am going to bed now. You can still catch the whole thing live at Eurogamer's live text coverage or GameSpot's live feed.

What a farcical mess.

Update: So... the launch price for the PS3 will be US$500-US$600!

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Anonymous said...

If anyone watched yesterday's press conference, they may have came away thinking that the only difference between the $499 and $599 SKU is the harddrive.

That is what Sony wants you to believe, and you may think that you can rob $100 from Sony. No, the differences are huge and probably worth the extra $100, the 'base' version has:

Less 40GB HDD
No HDMI output
No flash memory support
No Wireless

Jon said...

So in Sony's word: HD isn't the future. I pity the fools who spent so much on a HD telly and has no idea that the output isn't HD. Lol.

Anyway the likely UK price would be £400-£500 (VAT plus added rip-off tax) so I won't be purchasing one at least until 2009 when the price halves.

One hour to go!

wom said...

PlayStation 3 is going to be great. Blu-ray isn't Betamax as many say, it will truly be a format that people use. It has so many advantages over Microsoft and Nintendo. Over the Xbox 360, PS3 will have motion detection in the controllers, a 60 GB HD, blu-ray playing (those will cost 700+ when they come out), exclusivity in games, better processor, and the fan base. I can't wait.