Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Nintendo E306

Well that's it. One of the final secrets revealed today is the WiiMote will contain a speaker. For example if you shoot an arrow in Zelda, you can hear the 'twwiiing' and the 'swiiiissh' through the WiiMote's speaker as it travels from your arm to the telly (where you hear the 'thud'). Pretty neat huh?

The other secret being the nunchaku attachment also contains a 3D motion sensor. This means you can use the nunchaku attachment as a secondary sword or even as a shield. Wonderful.

The difference between yesterday's Sony E3 press conference is Nintendo was heavily touting the fun side of the Wii, whereas Sony continued its number battle with Microsoft ("1080p, 1080p, 1080p"). The Ninty press was sure fun. You didn't even see SCE's Ken Kutaragi handling any of the games in Sony's press conference, but here, the big guns of Nintendo were clearly enjoying themselves.

Nintendo Wii E306 WiiMote trailer:

Nintendo Wii E306 game trailer:


5:20pm BST: Only ten minutes to go. The wait is awfully painful. Hurry up already! Grr...

Check out the live feed from GameSpot and live blogging from Eurogamer.

5:40pm BST: Miyamoto-san just left the stage after demostrating the WiiMote controller in an orchestra. Two other guys demostrated the WiiMote for a driving game and another in a sword fight (Red Steel I presume - it is). Amazing!

5:45pm BST: A long trailer showing off footage of the games and the WiiMote in function. The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess to use WiiMote! The trailer is similar in format to the TGS trailer, but longer (and with gameplay footages)

5:48pm BST: Reggie is on the stage yapping away on Nintendo's strategy. So far a damn fine presentation one should have expected from Nintendo.

5:55pm BST: Twilight Princess is a launch title! :) :) There will also be a GCN version.

6pm BST: WiiMote has built-in speakers and the nunchaku attachment has built-in 3D sensor, independent of the WiiMote.

6.12pm BST: Ubisoft Paris's Red Steel looks and plays fantastic. I will be getting this for sure. Graphic style is similar to Kingpin/Max Payne.

6:20pm BST: Free VoiP on DS via Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam. Star Fox for DS! Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! to be localised as Elite Beat Agents. WiFi Diddy Kong Racing looks similar to Mario Kart DS. Mario Hoops 3 on 3 and Final Fantasy III both developed by Square-Enix looks fantastic with its 3D graphics also on the DS. Killer line-up! No DS Lite European info though (as usual we here get shafted - even Aussies already have a date).

6:27pm BST: Satoru Iwata is poking fun at Sony's patented and industrial standard load time. :P

6:30pm BST: Wii Connect 24 will always be working/connected even in standbys. I am sure die-hard environmentalists will be furiously mad with this news on electricity wastage, especially in this day and age when we are being told that electrical equipments on standbys uses almost the same amount of power as when it is fully turned on.

6:31pm BST: Apparently Animal Crossing for the Wii will always be connected online even if you are not playing. I can already imagine visiting my mates towns at night while they are asleep and stealing their fruits and cutting their trees. LOL!

Shiggy again, this time demostrating the WiiMote in a Tennis game.

6:39pm BST: The Tennis game looks fun with Reggie, Miyamoto-san and Iwata-san and the AOL winner playing doubles. The AOL guy with no previous experience with the WiiMote just picks up the controller and started playing. This is what Nintendo meant by making games accessable to all ages. I believe Nintendo just owned Sony. ;)

6:43pm BST: Bummer. No price or date announced. But very excited.


RichardAM said...

Watching it now!

I'm really appreciative of their continued support of the DS, so far most of what i've seen of the presentation so far is about it.

Satoru Iwata is on stage now talking about his pick up and play approach to games.

I haven't seen Sony's yet, but I know already they wont be able to boast the same stats for their handheld as nintendo can...

Jon said...

GameSpot has Sony's E3 feed available on download or stream.

2006-07 will be an expensive year for gaming. Oh my with all the games announced.

QUIK! said...

Wow the Wiimote - I'm really impressed by how they have designed this and totally revolutionise the way we play our game. I'm really intrigued how they manage to track all the movements etc. Also I think after long hours of play, we might get a bit tired - physically!

Jon said...

Good too, cuz gods know, I do need all the exercise! Hope they have badminton.