Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Video Game Impressions: Nintendo DS Lite & Tomb Raider: Legend

I won't bore you with an in depth review of Nintendo's new DS Lite. Instead here are some pictures and first impressions.


A reduced-size GBA slot cover is provided

Normal GBA carts protrudes around one cm

- Smaller (42% less volume)
- Lighter too
- Amazing screen
- Four level brightness - high level brightness perfect for summer alfresco gaming sessions
- Larger capacity battery
- Inside matte finish
- Still region free
- Longer and thicker stylus slot
- Buttons do not 'click' (may be negative to some)

- Reduced-sized GBA slot (a necessary evil, I guess)
- New charging slot
- Outside glossy finish which attracts fingerprints
- OS not updated (still need to reboot!)
- So far only exists as expensive imports (on top of the potential H.M. Revenue & Customs tax)

Playing Metroid Prime: Hunters has never been more satisfying.

Totally unrelated to the DS Lite, but still remaining with gaming:

I also had the chance to have a go with the new Tomb Raider: Legend demo today. Behind the unrealistically glossy new Lara, gameplay works essentially the same as the original Tomb Raider. However playing Legend isn't the same as when I first played Tomb Raider nine years ago on the family computer.

In 1996, playing a scantly clad sexy female Indiana Jones style character while hunting for old relics in exotic locations was a unique and refreshing twist, especially when compared to the many male-centric games

I guess the idea of controlling a semi-nude sexy protagonist isn't that big a deal nowadays. Still as a game title, Legend is pretty good and should satisfy most fans of Lara Croft and the third person platform genre. It isn't a killer title, but if the price drops down to £15, I may just be tempted to play the full version.

You can download the PC demo here or here.

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Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

The first Tomb Raider was exciting. It got boring during the sequels. It's like the kept rehashing the same thing thing without improving the game play.
That bright screen is the reason I like the Ds Lite. And plus it's small too. I hate the fact I have to use a new adaptor though. I hope to buy it during the Christmas period, because hopefully the price has come down by then :P

Jon Choo said...


Legend is pretty surprising and from what I heard at least betters Angel of Darkness and Chronicles.

I am lucky I got the Lite for a 'bargain'. Combination of good luck on eBay plus no customs taxs meant I paid £80 less than the rip-off price that my local indie was charging.


Rumoured US May guys are luckier than us in Europe...

HardiJ said...

*biting nails and agitated*

Am still counting me money to get one of those! dammit!

apparently, in Jakarta, the price is even more ripped off! can't believe it!

Anonymous said...

The DS would be complete with a "touch" Hentai game!


OKay, I'm not a pervert

Jon Choo said...

@Jennifer, I will keep a look out here. Ice Blue is lovely.

@Chewxy, with all the 'touch me' & 'touching is good' commercials, I am sure we will see one soon. Nintendo seems keen on shedding its 'kiddie' image.

So far the closest we have is the ability to touch Jill's boobs in Resident Evil: Deady Silence:

And that almost pervert Princess Peach boot camp ad.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone confirm whether we can use UK adaptor on Japanese or US DS Lites?