Thursday, April 6, 2006

British Summer Time

The clock went forward by an hour roughly two weeks ago, and I am still not used to it even after eight years of BST changeovers. That one hour less sleep during the changeover meant that my body clock is truly fucked up. I can easily recover in a day or two from a 8 hours jet-lag, but for some reason BST can screw me up so badly.

The worst thing about BST, apart from losing an hour and then gaining an hour months later, is the confusion it causes. When BST came in the wee morning hours of the 26th, I had no idea which clock to trust. Windows XP automatically took care of the clock but my mobile phone did not. The telly was still displaying the old time. At one point I actually thought that we gained an hour. I was kinda hoping that my Fossil would magically move its longer arm by itself but alas it did not.

And it is not like "British Summer Time" actually mean anything. The evenings may get longer, but it is still chilly! To be fair though, last year I did gained an extra hour of birthday when BST ended.

On a happier note, the postman should be delivering something truly special for me tomorrow. \o/

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