Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Broadband price war

Are we finally going to see a broadband price war? I surely hope so. One of the reason why I do not have a personal landline (therefore having to hitch on an open WiFi network) was the reliance on BT. No matter who you want your broadband connection to be with, you still have to pay BT for line rental.

Carphone Warehouse' new TalkTalk package pretty much breaks this rule and others. One-off connection fee of only 30 squid (to BT of course) and no more monthly BT line rental charge - yay! For only £21 a month, you get a landline with unlimited local and national call, plus unlimited calls to 28 other countries (using VoIP me thinks), and that broadband access with a 5GB download limit (which won't matter to the majority of surfers like me).

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QUIK! said...

Wow, I must say that package is really attractive, but it ties you down for a 18 month contract, brilliant if you are staying here for long term, not so good for me, that's y I'm with Virgin.net (no contract)

I really hope this will spark some real price war, most of the Broadband providers are now upping their ante with 8mb line services, but this one from Talk Talk will surely bring instigate the war further. Can't wait to see how the others respond to this.

Jon said...

The 18 month contract isn't an issue with me (I hope)...but I will wait till the proper price war starts.

Consumers can only benifit from this.

Next, a price war among the mobile phone providers!