Saturday, April 8, 2006

DVD Review: No Angels series two box set

No Angels has to be one of my favourite Channel 4 adult comedy drama. Featuring four female NHS nurses, the series is raunchy and 'realistic'. Medical series like E.R. is about doctors trying to be heroic - through weekly epic battles. No Angels is about humans working in a hospital and how they deal with their everyday life (through sex).

A typical nurses home in Leeds? Sign me up!

In No Angels, doctors and nurses frequently squabble, fights break out among patients and the politics of NHS wards are highlighted. Watching this, you would just wish the scriptwriters of other so called 'chick-flicks' such as Desperate Housewives would just give it up.

Junior doctor punching someone. Yay!

The final series of No Angels is currently being screened on Channel 4. Since I missed most of season two last year, I thought I would just save myself by getting the season two box-set. Unlike series one (my review here), the second season has less two episodes (eight), although you will still get them over three DVDs. Like most of Channel 4 dramas, the DVDs come in a digibox case along with a very pink slipcover.

The DVD transfer has been done pretty well with colours looking accurate (I believe). Aspect ratio is 16:9 and the audio is only limited to two channels. There are no bonus features apart from a cast interview and photo gallery. And taking a step backwards when compared to the first season DVD, there are no subtitles on this version.

Still, don't let that detract you from checking getting the DVD if you missed it last year (or the repeats). This is an extremely funny British series, which is rare these days with the oversaturated craps that grace our telly.

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