Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Assorted reviews

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children (R2 PAL, DVD) Square-Enix

Strictly for fans of Final Fantasy VII only, Advent Children is one of the worst CGI films I have ever watched since Square's own Final Fantasy The Spirits Within and Dreamwork's Shark Tale. Advent Children is part of the cash-cow that is Square-Enix's 'Compilation of Final Fantasy VII' - which means you can expect more Final Fantasy VII non-gaming bullshit in years to come.

The film's timeline is a couple of years after the ending of Final Fantasy VII game and features a dull final battle between the anorexic blonde protagonist and the girly and anorexic antagonist. Wooden 'acting' and 'polished' barbie-like figures features aplenty.


New Super Mario Bros. (US, NDS) Nintendo

It's a-me, Mario!

Bowsers kidnaps Peach and Mario has to rescue her. Again. He needs to get a new girl - Daisy perhaps? (Oh wait, isn't Daisy going out with Luigi - nevermind) Featuring lush 3D graphics with 2D gameplay, this is one of the best platformers ever created for the DS side-scrolling platform (or any platform in recent memories) and a homage to a time when gaming was fun. And people are agreeing. It sold 480,000 units in the first day in Japan alone.


Super Princess Peach (US, NDS) Nintendo

Mamma mia! A total reversal of roles! This time Mario gets kidnapped and it is up to Princess Peach to rescue the Italian plumber! Super Princess Peach features female stereotyped powerups - shame on you Nintendo! The game is fun while it lasted and is very easy. In classic 2D sprites too! Like Yoshi Touch & Go, this isn't worth the price NoE slaps on us (£30). Import it for less and enjoy.


Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day (US, NDS) Nintendo

Also known as Professor Kawashima's Brain Training in the UK (when it is released next week), this is Nintendo's 'touch generation' (a strategy aimed at recruiting non-gamers and casual gamers) flagship game.

Brain Training is essentially a collection of brain training mini games such as quick maths, stroop test, reading, memorisation etc. Drawing based on memorisation (with funny effects too). The disembodied head of Kawashima may belittle you if you score low but don't take it too seriously. Contains chart for when you can show of the time when your brain age drops from 70 to 20.

Both the US and European version of the game also contains 100 Sudoku puzzles for Sudoku addicts. Get this for yourself and your parents. Show this to your friends who thinks video games are only for juveniles. It is also worth noting that the original Brain Training sold 2.2 million in Japan alone, many to the over 40s demographic.



RichardAM said...

Some nice words! Very helpful!

Now if you could only buy said games for me as well i'd be laughing! ;)

Jon Choo said...

Thanks. Nice one on the buying games thingy. I myself am cutting back. But NSMB is worth it.