Monday, May 22, 2006

Brain Age chronicle

Day One: 65 years old
Day Two: 54 years old
Yesterday: 37 years old
Today: 22 years old

Is the Brain Age software really stimulating my brain? I am no scientist so I can't tell, and I really doubt that it could prevent Alzheimer's or stop your mental state from aging. However I do feel hell a lot fresher since starting my daily brain training. My awareness level seems to have increased too.

Regardless, the Brain Age/Brain Training is fun. I had a go at Sudoku yesterday and for the first time completed it! This thing will sell like hot cakes when it is released in the UK. Sudoku is like a drug to many Brits. It doesn't do for me as I prefer crosswords but hei, whatever helps.

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RichardAM said...

Just remember to thank Nintendo when you're about to publish your new theory regarding quantum physics. ;)

Jon Choo said...

I would thank them now already for improving my mathematical abilities!