Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Bloggers meet-up

We came a little bit late as Jenni and I took a little bit longer looking around Carnaby Street. The new rucksacks by Crumpler is awesome.

We met at Rendezvous in Leicester Square. I am not a fan of Leicester Square although I do find the cafe quite pleasant. It isn't an outlandishly stylish place. It was sober enough for us.

I won't bore you with details on what happened. It isn't something I tend to blog about. We had fun getting to know each other. Patrick, Ken and Vysia were the only other Malaysians who came. Plymouth must be really boring because three of V's mates came and joined us. We were left wondering whether the elusive and fabulous Jay would make an appearance.

Well it was a small gathering. For what is worth it was rather impressive enough what with the short notice.

And it was a gathering of geeks too. Similar to that other blogger meeting (all bloggers are geeks).

We had dinner in ECapital in China Town (here is a review by The Guardian). Apparently it is the only real proper authentic Shanghaiese restaurant in the whole of Blighty. I don't admit to being an expert on Shanghai food so I will leave it there. Did not really appreciate being 'shooed' out so soon but then it was a snip at £78.

Most of us stuck together till 10pm when we separated after having a drink in Borders at Charing X Road.

Perhaps it was the double espresso that I had which gave me a severe headache on the way back. Firstly I forgot that the Piccadilly Line was close from Hyde Park Corner. Second it was actually faster to walk north up to Tottenham Court Road and taking the Central Line back, rather than walking down to Leicester Square.

We did agree that Plymouth should be our next venue for any meet-up. Okay, anything west of the M25 is pretty much alien to me and Plymouth is as far west as you can ever go in the South West.


BTW, a Beeb employee recently published an article which looks into the types of browsers and OS that are used by people visiting the BBC front page webpage (www.bbc.co.uk). It is a rather interesting read.

Mobile devices are now capable of accessing the full BBC website while retaining the proper formatting. Access' NetFront v3.3 Technical Preview adds VGA support for Pocket PC among other things. While it is a crippled version (no Java/Flash - but who cares?) this is by far the best web browser you can get on a mobile platform.

BBC News

The Guardian


Graham Jones said...

Ah yes. That brings back memories.

Jay said...

:-( Now I feel really bad. I hope you had fun anyway.

elb said...

erk, I forgot to warn you about the Piccadilly line closures over the weekend. Sorry! But it was a great pleasure meeting ya :)

Jon Choo said...

Graham, eh?

Jay, we did. Next time yeah?

Patrick, pleasure too.