Monday, October 31, 2005

Nip/Tuck : The Complete Second Season DVD boxset

Thanks to Jenni, who gave me this: the Nip/Tuck's Season Two DVD boxset!

* Five DVDs.
* 1.77 widescreen aspect ratio.
* 736 total running time.
* 16 episodes.
* Uncut. Uncensored.
* Dolby Digital Stereo. (no 5.1 sadly - but this is a telly drama)
* No bonus features. Not even chapters! No bonus unaired scenes. (only available on Region One - boo to Warner Bros!)
* Comes in foldable digipak storage, not the crap thin DVD cases that comes in many new boxsets (eg. Desperate Housewives)
* Genuine. Not some taped over the air shit.

You can get it here (non-affiliate).

Am tired now. Thank god for the one extra hour of sleep.

My wish list is still here. ;)

Screencaps from the DVDs (taken via PowerDVD):


Kat said...

Happy Birthday! :) Lamb steak looks yummy.

Anonymous said...

That mask in the last pic.. looks like something from V for Vendetta

elb said...

I'd still pick 24 over Nip/Tuck anyday! :p

Jon Choo said...

Kat: Cheers

Chewxy: It is a common mask.

Patrick: Get me one (see wish list) and prove me wrong! ;)

mei xian said...

happy belated birthday kor kor!!

Jon Choo said...

Thank you. Will await present.

Rakyat said...

finished the entire season yet? nip/tuck is one of the weirdest shows i've ever seen. started watching season 3 first few episodes... it's gotten darker. not my cup of tea so not watching it anymore. :P

Jon Choo said...

No Sky here so haven't watch S3 yet. Watched most of S2 on C4 but can't wait for Xmas to just sit down & watch the whole thing again (love the 80s soundtrack). Jenni hated Nip/Tuck until I lent her my S1 boxset. Now she can't get enough!

It looks like C4 is unlikely to bring S3 to terresterial telly (pussies!). Will probably get the region 1 DVD set once it comes out.

I'm Back! said...
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Jon Choo said...

Stop spamming!