Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Big Freeze

It won't quite match the Big Freeze but it will still be bitterly cold here. I am already dreading my ninth winter. I was chatting with someone today who experienced 1963. She told me that it was like the freak 2003 blizzard but rather than just a couple of days it was a whole two to three months. My.

And I blame Bush.

Speaking of dreadful weather (what else is there to talk about?) the seasonal October thunderstorm has finally arrived.

image above live from BBC webcams

My cold is all but gone but since been replaced by a hefty sore throat. Damn it. Went to see my NHS doctor who told me to 'rest, drink lots of water etc.' D'uh!

Someone dropped a leaflet today announcing the dates of the third Hampton Court Palace ice rink. From 3 December to 15 January. Also for the first time Tower of London would be hosting a ice rink too from 19 November to 8 January. Tickets are outrageously expensive. Might as well wait for the Thames to freeze over.

I see that Annie has lost her Sudoku virginity. I am still a Sudoku virgin. Yes I have attempted to solve it but I have very little patience and have never completed a game. Let us say the logic totally escapes me and I prefer cross words. Trust those pesky American media to create a mindless game. I mean I rather play Countdown.

But today I happened to download Resco Sudoku. I have not install it yet but am looking forward to completing my first Sudoku game.

On a safer note I also downloaded Resco Table Soccer (football you idiots!) . I rather have this though:


elb said...

sudoku is too addictive once you start!

Jon Choo said...

Well I wouldn't say it is addictive. Nothing beats Solitaire especially the Klondike game.