Sunday, October 16, 2005

Malaysian blog gathering London / flu

A quick reminder on this coming Saturday's Malaysian gathering in Central London. We will be free all day so please do come. I am all for anything. Even buka puasa.

Confirmed meeting: Rendezvous, Leicester Square 3pm 21st Oct


Two weeks since I caught the seasonal cold virus and two days ago I caught it again yesterday in Waterloo Station. I am feeling very groggy today and may not blog for the next few days.

Sneezing? Check. Runny noses? Check. Watery eyes. Check. Blocked sinuses? Check. Weak body? Check. Paranoid looks from fellow Tube commuters reading about the coming flu pandemic? Check.

The strongest non-prescription medicine I managed to get is Pfizer's Actifed from Boots which is fine compared to the Panadol crap.

A great outcome? I am so not in a mood to even think about food right now. Which is a good thing because I need to lose weight.


Nip/Tuck returns today on SkyOne. Crap.

Last I heard is Channel 4 has dumped the series due to 'low-rating'. Well, season two was constantly pushed towards the later slots to make way for craps like Big Brother. The season finale was even broadcasted at 12:40 in the morning no less!

I hope the Beeb picks this up for us terrestrial mortals.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jon,
Thanks for your invitation, but I'm sorry, I dont think I can make it. I'll be busy on that day...

Hope you guys have fun! Didn't expect to see a Malaysian Bloggers' Meeting being held in the UK... lol


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Jon Choo said...

Andrew, no problem. Maybe next time.

Guys, is the above post a spam? They have 'proper blogs' which seems to be updated. Granted they seem to be advertising their own products but still.

MooPig said...

hi Jon,

where will the gathering be tomorrow? I might drop by if I have the time. Could you drop me an email pls? Thanks