Thursday, August 18, 2005

Hearing problems? Flunked your A-levels? Fans of Jet-Li?

Please, the iPod isn't the only digital music player! Hearing problems associated with portable players has existed since 1979 with the creation of the Sony Walkman. Why the sudden concern? While more people are buying iPods I still see loads of people still using traditional tape players, discmans and MD players.

My advice to addicted iPodders and other portable music lovers is to invest in a passive noise-canceling headphone like my Shure e2c or the Etymotic ER6i. Even a simple Sony EX70SL will do just fine. Because most background ambient noise would be blocked out, you would be able to enjoy your music at a much lower volume.

This is probably one of the best investment I have ever made. Sure it is a little expensive for an 'entry level' product but the resolution in the music detail surpasses that of my old broken EX70SL. I travel on the Tube regularly and the e2c helps a lot with keeping my sanity in check. First there is the loudness of the Tube especially those deep level ones and then there are those passengers.


Flunked your A-levels? Here is a BBC guide to famous flunkers. Education isn't everything, you can get all the 'A's you want but if you have no street knowledge and attitude you won't make it in the real world. Well, I take that back - but just to let you know, failing your exams doesn't mean your world has to come to an end (like your teacher or probably your parents would like you to believe). Same goes to ACCA students.


Jet Li's new film is out this weekend and judging by the trailer I think it would probably be his worst film ever. It's not to say he can't act - he can! - but he can't act in Western films. All his moodiness and head swaying in films like The One and Romeo Must Die just doesn't cut it.

Ooi, Luc Besson, still waiting for a return to cool action films like Leon and La Femme Nikita.

Back to Jet Li - BBC One is broadcasting Fist of Legend on Saturday 11.45pm. Watch Unleashed if you must, then stagger of home and watch this.

BBC One's controller sure knows how to take advantage of the film season and tomorrow they will be broadcasting Jet Li's co-actor Morgan Freeman's excellent 1997 thriller Kiss The Girls.

But pick of the day (for Friday) would surely go to Channel 4's new animated comedy series Bromwell High. According to the blurb on my telly mag, the comedy will be set in an inner-city multicultural school. It will be racially offensive (in a good way) with three girls - a white trash, violent black and clever Asian. 11.20pm

To fans of Nip/Tuck - why am I seeing it being more and more relegated towards the later slots? First were the double bills (which went into the early mornings) then the season finale was shown at 00:40 in the fucking morning! I know the 10pm slot is for Lost but why of why Cruel Intentions 2 after that?

But what a cliffhanger ending (the carver is a woman)! Worth the hassle to stay up - but am still mightily annoyed.


Chewxy said...

oi... I'm just about to get me A levels results

Kenneth Chiew said...

Actually on the contrary... I find Unleashed good. Much better than Romeo Must Die or Kiss Of The Dragon. Maybe because Morgan Freeman was in it and able to draw some emotions into it.

Jon said...

Well I will check it out then.

Chewxy, good luck!