Thursday, August 18, 2005

Me! Twenty years from now...

Thanks to Annie, I found this nice little website.

Submitted a picture of me and this is how I would look like twenty years from now:

Oh dear god!!!

It is nice I will still have black hair at that age but still...can't say I am pleased with the result!

I am huge fan of Nip/Tuck but never believe I would say this: I am so going to have plastic surgery once I can afford them. Screw those doom predictions - I do not want to look like that!

And this beauty is me if I was born a female:

I look like those gossipy aunties you find in Malaysia's cafes!

I am so going to tag everybody to do this!


Kyels said...

Hi Jon,

U still look cool though.



d4g said...

i can't help but laugh at your feminine look lol!! just with some heavy makeup and glasses you'll certainly fit with the aunties! :D

kidding buddy :)

Jay said...

Eeeeyer soooo scary!!!! Dun want to do!

UnimateD said...

~ muaahahahaha.... ~

Jon said...

You guys are all tagged so get on with it!

Come on Jay...! If not I will put up that picture of a seventy year old Hugh Jackman (how old is that guy actually?).

c0y0t3 said...

To prevent all those scary wrinkle, you better start investing on some good anti ageing cream then, Jon! :)And, please, laugh a lot more than doing grumpy face to me will also help in preventing those wrinkle! hah!

mei xian said...

oh man.. u look damn like a grandfather.. an ungly one.. and the other auntie picture!! really can fit in the auntie group here in m'sia already.. hey.. never say im related to u when 20 years from now... hahahah :P

Jon said...

Mei Xian, I have a picture of you and your going to submit both of them and lay the results here. Hahaha!