Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Final 'Ben & Jerry's Sundae on the Common' post

Last blog post on this year's Sundae, I swear on your mother's soul! Normal blogging resumes tomorrow. Just some bonus pictures I decided to share out.

BTW Ben & Jerry has updated their Sundae Interweb site with a summary of what went on. They estimated around 52,000 scoops of free ice cream were given away. Pretty impressive. I had five scoops and a 'cookie ice-cream'. My target was actually ten scoops.

The organisers also gave each of us a 'plant a tree' B&J tub. Hmm... Jennifer has assumed responsibility of the growing of my tree. (see here for more information)

I pity Sophie Barker. I really like her style of music. Think KT Tunstall and you wouldn't be far off. But with everyone still chilling out and having fun (eating ice creams, toe wrestling, finding out about charities), she played in front of a mostly quiet crowd.


AC said...

Very nice pictures. We did not braved through to the front.

Jay said...

Enough! It takes AGES for my old laptop to load all these pictures


Jon said...

But I am sure you will enjoy some of those pictures! ;)