Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

Update: You can now donate to the American Red Cross.

I remember when news of the Asian Tsunami started filtering in through news agency last Boxing Day. At first they weren't treating the whole thing seriously. News outlet and government agency played down the significance of the destruction.

History repeated itself few days ago when early news seems to have dismissed the potential chaos and destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina. Situation seems to have worsen with the breach in New Orleans's flood barriers. Because the city is beneath sea level, 80% of the city has been flooded. Latest from Channel 4's New Orleans correspondent are thousands (rumour) of people might have died in the disaster.

One of our Tube Relief challenger, the fantastic New Orleans Police Captain Tami Brisset is currently 'stuck' in the UK, waiting for flights to return to her home and family. She has secured a flight tomorrow through Gatwick and will be staying overnight in Jenni's flat in Brighton.

The Evening Standard (above is a shot from the early edition) has published a short newspiece of Tami's situation. Nice of them.

New Orleans: Our thoughts are with you all.

Update: BBC News London has screened up an interview with Tami. It is about two minutes long. You can still view it here.

Okay folks. GMTV would be interviewing Tami between 6.30-6.45am tomorrow. They would whisk her off to Gatwick first before doing the interview there. I think Geoff's media whoring habit has been a big influence in Tami's media courting the past few days.

Update: 7.15pm interview broadcasted.

Update (3 Sept):

Message from Tami:

I made it to Tampa Florida. My son is alive and in North Mississippi in a shelter.

BBC Radio 4 TODAY called on my cell phone which I can only retrieve message . ANDREA at 20XXXXXX. Can someone call her and tell her that I am at 504-XXX-XXXX for a while. Thanks.

My sister's birthday and anniversary of my mother's death is today and I am praying that we find her. My nephew has started back to the area where she stayed to look for her.

The city is in complete chaos from what I am hearing. I am hearing that police are just leaving their posts. Thugs are shooting at rescuers and police now. It is anarchy. I am still trying to find a way to get home . Fred is going to Texas at his sisters with his mom. Joshua will stay here in Tampa with Fred's ex-inlaws and go to school.

I am going to try to get to New Orleans to start helping and looking for my officers. I posted on local forums for assistance and havent received any replys. I simple dont know where they are.

I miss you all desperately and wish some nice rich helpful person will just say -0 here's a home, here's a job for you and fred, here's a life. I was waiting 3 yrs. to retire to come there but now it seems to be all gone. I am more miserable here than when I was there with you all. I know my hubby, pups, and sons are alright but it is surreal.

Now on a lighter note: Jen was a great hostess puting me up in Brighton. She could always be a B&B owner if she chooses to change professions.

The airline was great. They upgraded me to bus class and I only needed 1 valium . The best I will eat for months I am sure. GMTV picked Jen and I up in a car thata was more expensive than my house. Or the house I had.

I got back to the states with 4 pounds in my pocket, $50 dollars in my purse and a heavy heart. I will trasure my experience with yall every day amd will keep in touch. Please encourage people to help us. I dont know how I will get any money from the govt. to help my family. I just hope it goes to all of us in need. I told a few of ya'll.: I am always in control and my job is to protect and serve as my motto is but I feel helpless and displaced. My encouraging thoughts are thinking that you are are there and my new family!

Will write when I get to GROUND ZERO! Geoff let them all know Robin at Virgin, Lucy at GMTV, etc. I made it here. Now I have to go buy some ammo.


Anonymous said...

Just read what happened. I do hope your friend's family would be found and that they are alright.

God bless.

Anonymous said...


I hope that everything will be alright soon.

*crossing my fingers*

Din said...

hi jon,

sorry to read abt this. hope they make it.

i was just dropping by to let u know i've moved.


Jon Choo said...

She is fine. See update.