Sunday, August 7, 2005

Yeti live at Ben & Jerry's Sundae on the Common

Yeti (the summer feel good band) were the third act to perform at the Ben & Jerry's Sundae on the Common festival. An exciting new band:

John Hassall, lead vocals and guitarist.

Andrew Dejan-Jung, the lead guitarist and backing vocals.

Brendan Kersey plays bass along with Harmony Williams (vocals/guitar)

Graham Blacow plays the drums.


Anonymous said...
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'moe' said...

How did you get such close up shots? Were you allowed in the press area?

Jon said...

Nope. Just pushing other party goers away in order to get a good vantage point. Seriously it was just a 'semi-pro' camera with an average zoom.

This was my first festival with this new digital camera and I was experimenting with the settings alot. Out of the 350 pictures I took about 50 were useless and the other 50 were deleted on the spot.

Seriously though does anyone here knows why festival pro-photographers are only allowed on the 'pit' for 10 minutes of each set? One of the pros was protesting their quick ejection.

Anonymous said...

You can get listen to some Yeti tracks at