Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Tube murder?

ITV1's Evening News tonight has additional information on the killing of Mr de Menezes including the fact that SO19 (CO19) armed officers only saw Mr de Menezes after being pointed out by undercover officers - then shooting him dead a few seconds later.

Mr de Menezes wasn't running away, he was sitting calmly in the Tube when he stood up when approached by officers. He did not vault the ticket barrier - he used his Oyster card. He even had time to pick up the morning's free Metro paper.

An undercover officer held him down and one or more of the four armed officers unloaded a total of eleven bullets, seven into his head and one into the shoulder. Amazingly three bullets missed the target.

The BBC has a good summary on the discrepancies between the initial version and the leaked documents.

Armed officers wanted? from Monday's Evening Standard

The Met Chief Sir Ian Blair is under pressure tonight to quit due to new revelations that he tried to block or delay an independent investigation into the killing.

Opinion: I don't really have one (can't think of any - too sick - read the blogs below if you need one) - apart from an advice to would be Londoners/tourists not to have "Mongolian" eyes.

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