Thursday, August 11, 2005

What's in my wallet/bag?

What is wrong with this picture? Hint: it's something to do with that gas guzzling SUV.

Here's just in from the BBC: Malaysia has declared a state of emergency due to the haze. Hmm...

Okay I will just shut up now. My relatives lives in KL and they are probably suffering as well. (snigger)

Inspired by Annie Mole and Anne-Marie, I blogged about my Oyster card wallet content sometime last week. Visit Anne's site first to get the gist (She started the ball rolling).

It was mainly about our travelcard wallet at first but now Jay has
bared not only his wallet content, but the content of his pockets and bag. Nice one! But oh...why the iPod?!

First up the contents of my proper wallet and my (usual) pocket contents:

- Oyster card
- Selfridges receipt
- UGC Unlimited subscription card
- Barclays debit card
- book of 1st class stamps
- Subway loyalty stamp card
- Ben & Jerry Sundae booklet
- T-Mobile WiFi 1 hour pass
- 2005 calendar (Dior - from a mate)
- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory cinema ticket
- airmiles card
- 2x fiver
- five Euros
- EYEO Park Royal 'business' card
- plus other stuffs I rather remain private...

There are also two guitar plectrums. One of which is a dark red Fender Classic Celluloid medium pick that Jenni gave me some years ago. She used to play bass in a Slayer tribute band with the pick when she was in Indonesia. The pink pick belongs to Morbid Angel. The front has a Piranha drawing with the letters 'Chewing Inc.' and the back has Trey Azagthoth's signature.

Unlike Anne-Marie, I do not play the guitar any longer (sold of my Strat some years ago through Yahoo! auctions), I just keep this in my wallet as safe-keeping and also to remind me of my wild years.

In my pockets are two sets of keys and a couple of coins. Plus dirt.

My messenger bag contains a far more interesting sight:

- Chris Ayres - War Reporting For Cowards paperback
- Juice magazine (June 2005)
- Casio digital camera remote
- o2 invoice
- Nestle instant coffee
- Strepsils
- ClarinsMen facial wash (sample)
- broken zip accessory
- Samsonite lockpad
- Paul Smith eBoy t-shirt label
- lint-free cloth
- empty SD card case
- old Sim card
- nail clipper
- 64Mb CF card
- 40Gb external portable harddrive (Firelite)
- i-mate JAM
- Shure e2c
- Tube Relief sponsorship form
- etc. etc. etc.

The bag I use is a Helmut Lang white messenger which I got during last year's sales for roughly £60. I love that bag and had been eyeing it since I saw it months before the sale (a nice £200). Sorry, no picture - too dirty.


dannyFoo said...

Can I steal your 02 mini from you? *grin*

Jon said...

That's going to Jenni after I upgrade. Hehe...

mei xian said...

the haze here in kl is damn bad... reached 300 API today and in klang valley it reached 500+ already.. all schools even colleges and uni are closed already starting from today..some school closed few days ago .. its seriously freaking bad.. cant even see the road properly while driving, have to on lights during the day also.. worse than being in genting.. lets say from the 5th floor in uni, i cant see anything when i look out of the window.. 4th floor also cant see a thing already.. to anyone who wants to come back to kl now, pls.. dont.. the haze will kill u...

Jay said...

Oh my goodness, that's a LOT of stuff! Your pockets must be enormous!

And what's with the euros, anyway?

Jon said...

My brother gave me a couple of Euros and for some reason it has been laying in my wallet for some time. I seriously have no idea why I bother carrying Euros around London.

But I am pro-Europe.