Monday, August 1, 2005

M25 rain, fiver & Ben & Jerry Sundae tickets

I was out of London today spending most of the time on the M25. Don't ask me why - I just am. I heard most of Central London was spared from the torrential rain that attacked parts of the South East. The picture above was taken at five something pm and look at how dark it became when the rain hit us. We were doing 75 (mph) when it started pissing. Scary.

That was after I found this:

Not sure what I should have done with it. It is not as if you can report a missing fiver. It did go into subsidising my rent after I dried it up.

Plus the tickets to this Sunday's Ben & Jerry's Sundae festival has arrived. Yum-mmy...


Jay said...

Oooh nice. There's nothing quite like finding money!

What's the Ben & Jerry thing all about? I've heard of it but never bothered to find out more. Will you get free ice cream?

c0y0t3 said...

hey, the fiver, i thought you are supposed to divide it half with me? after all, you found it in front of my flat and am the one who pick it up..

Jon said...

I found it. Get it. I found it. :P

Jay, free ice cream. ;)

c0y0t3 said...

in regards of the Five quid: Hey, as far as I'm concern, you did agree that half is my profit! 'Oral contract' is still bound by law! I'll sue you!

No, in fact, I'll make sure suffer...huehehhe..