Friday, August 5, 2005

Lunch at Granville pub, Ealing Common

You can't go wrong with a Nelson Mandela and Carlsberq. Cheers:

This was what I had, an 8oz rump steak with scampis, peas and chips (more like American style thin fries - duh!). Medium raw:

Lamb steak with baked potatoes and peas:

After lunch we went to Walpole Park and I started snapping away at this photogenic squirrel. His albino friend was sleeping.

We also had a chat with the volunteer for the London wildlife welfare. Insightful especially the part about those gang raped ducks!


boo_licious said...

I love pub food! The squirrel looks quite cute. I have vague memories about Ealing as my sister used to stay at Ealing Broadway.

Jon said...

Pub food is the mainstay of English food. I can't understand why some people hate pub food. They have to try em first.

Ealing Broadway is a wonderful area.