Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Thank you for the donations / Sister Furong Jie Jie opinion

We have no way of getting hold of contact information of those who donated to our London Underground Tube Relief charity so we will just say it here:

Thank you to Ya`akov and Maz for donating!

So far only the two of you who donated online! But still a big hearty thanks!

Our offline pledge is doing much better than the online one due to our reluctance to spam around teh Interweb. Of all the companies and VIPs we spammed only Google UK and Melissa (from Boris Johnson's office) replied. Both gave us encouraging mails. Cheers!

A mate of mine gave £1 over the weekend after much heckling on my part. It might not be much but £1 is still money and it will go into helping the victims of the London bombings. Still stingy I guess but then again he broke his glasses that day and had to return to Luton half blind!

If you would like to read about what we would be doing, please visit Geoff's Not Afraid site.


BTW, a blog has come to my attention (via + here), that of Sister Furong Jie Jie. As you may have noticed, many people hate/dislike her for her egotistic weblog. And here is my rather humble opinion:

Pretty she isn't (nor is she sexy) but for some strange reason I find her praiseworthy for what she is doing to herself in order to satisfy her ego. Not many people would parody and condemn themselves to the lowest of the low and be ridiculed by the Interweb society and it takes guts to do that. And she isn't doing it for commercial reason (at least not on her blog - even if it was then she would be a genius, just look at the publicity) like some other bloggers, so well done to her!

I won't be her fan nor will I waste my time ridiculing her. Entertaining though her blog as I am sure some of you would agree. Makes me laugh.

Kinda reminded me of that poor sod also known as Darius when he rendered his edition of Britney Spear's Baby One More Time during one of the many dull Popstars episodes in 2001. Idiot really but still admirable. At least he has a record of his own now.


c0y0t3 said...

Comment in regards of the Sister Fu Rong Jie Jie: I was having my eyes squinted when reading her website, it must be something wrong with my eyes. Better go to optician, hey, pronto!

Jay said...

I personally find it all rather suspicious.... do you really think anybody would be SO vain - and crushingly stupid - as to write stuff like that?

Looks more like a joke, or an elaborate revenge.

Jon said...

Well the world is full of strange those on Big Brother. BTW, we met Marco on the Jubilee Line (or was it the Northern Line) before and he was pretty nice, quite unlike his TV persona.

Rachel said...

In regards to Sister Furong Jie Jie,I have one word.WALRUS!She looks like one,only Walruses are MUCH cuter.hahaha.XiaXue rocks,The fat ass Walrus sucks.She is so fat with all that blubber in her body.