Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Gamecube addiction / Tube Relief

We just bought a Gamecube, so for the last few days I have been glued to Jenni's 'new' used 21" telly (20 quid, a pretty darn good deal) playing Resident Evil 4. This will explain why I wasn't online over the past couple of days (plus my net connection is currently down in London).

A lot of discussions went into which console we should get and the best reason for the Gamecube is it is dirt cheap. Due to its rather unpopular misconception that it is a 'kiddies' console one can easily pick up a bundled Gamecube for as little ast £45 or a used one for thirty quid. Also we rather like playing games and due to our unability to lay down £300 for a new graphic card, this was the best we could do.

The second reason is due to its miniscule but quality library. Visit any specialised game store and you will find the Gamecube section rather limited (to usually a couple of shelves). This is good news because we won't be tempted to part money on useless 'me-too' games. Quality is important and the Zelda exclusive to Nintendo is one of them.

Ignoring the old PC Vs Console arguement, this is our first console since my purchase of an old Dreamcast and PSOne many many years ago and Jennifer's first one since her Playstation was sold off by her mum while she was in Britain. We are enjoying it for the moment. I know PS3 and Revolution is just around the corner but those will cost around £300 on release. There is no way I am willing to part £300 on a console that will cost half in a year's time.

Yes I just replaced interweb addiction with gaming addiction. God knows what else I am going to end up addicted with.


Had my photo shoot with a photographer for the Tube Relief newspiece. Can't say I wasn't nervous especially with a Nikon D70 starring at my face. It only took about two minutes but it was done during rush hour with hundreds of commuters pouring out of the local tube station!


Yes it is this week. Me and Jennifer has decided to stay at Ealing and travel via a taxi to Amersham at 4am. There we will meet with the other participants (about 60). After a peep talk and group photo, we will board the first Metropolitan Line at around 5.30am and be in Central London by 7.30am and end in Upminster sometime after midnight. So that is 19-20 hours of traveling on the tube.

Jennifer and I spent the best part of last night fine tuning our route for the day and while it isn't 'optimised' we can say we are rather pleased with ourselves. We aren't taking the whole thing so seriously (to beat the rest) just for a fun day out. Jennifer had a chat with a tube challenge veteran (Jonathan Saunders) and he was very serious of the whole thing down to advising us to bring a pair of shades to use in the underground!

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