Thursday, August 18, 2005

South Ealing Cemetery, London

Walked by this little old cemetery last evening. Couldn't resist. I just love wandering through old cemeteries (I need help). I know, it is the hungry ghost festival but that's in Asia so no worries about the dead. Plus I don't really believe in ghost. Not all the time anyway.

South Ealing cemetery (1861) is one of London's oldest Victorian cemeteries. The graveyard is non-denominational just like Highgate cemetery (1839).

The cemetery is well kept with just a couple of broken monuments. Not sure if any famous people are buried here.

I did not have much time to stroll around as I was in a hurry. Check out London Cemeteries for a larger variety of (better) pictures.
Tube: South Ealing


Kyels said...


The photos are awesome. Frankly.

The tombstones looked cool and I don't think they are creepy at all.


Jon Choo said...

Thanks! :)

d4g said...

yeah i have to agree the pics look awesome :)

and even the cemetary looks better than the ones we have back at home... more well kept I guess :P

hmm...maybe I should visit a Canadian cemetary lol

btw i've tagged you to my blog, hope you dont mind :)

Jon Choo said...

No problem.

Pity about the state of cemeteries in Malaysia. No respect for the dead!

Will await picture of Canadian graves.

elb said...

*grin* I was just there like last month when I popped by Ealing looking for accommodation.

Jon Choo said...

Nice one!

terx said...

Hi Jon,

Am new to your blog. Fellow msian living in one of those houses behind this cemetery.

I love walking along the path that cuts thru the cemetery in the morning. It's quiet and peaceful.

Kinda dispels the notion of cemeteries as being spooky and haunted for me.

btw nice pics. :)

Sue Bailey said...

Thanks for the link Jon - your pictures are great though. South Ealing is a gorgeous cemetery. The lodge came up for sale a couple of years ago and I'd've loved to have lived there!!

Unknown said...

some great photos here, I am slightly obsessed with taking photos in cemeteries (see link on site if you're at all interested)

Jon Choo said...

Quite some new comments. I wouldn't say cemeteries are spooky. And the flats behind South Ealing cemetery happens to be fab too.

C.sisters, I also have an unheathly obsession with cemeteries particularly London Victorian ones.