Monday, August 8, 2005

British Sea Power live at Ben & Jerry's Sundae on the Common

After Yeti it was British Sea Power's turn to knock up the crowd. A great performance including a cameo by Yeti's John Hassal. Going through a fifty minute set BSP performed some of their more memorable tracks including my personal favourites Lately and Carrion (both from The Decline of British Sea Power).

Hamilton for bass and vocals.

Yan, the sometimes troubled lead vocalist.

The rather crazy Eamon is responsible for the keyboards and percussion.

Noble plays the guitars.

Woody (L) is the drummer.

Yeti attempts to ruin BSP's set.


Amita Chong said...

i remember going for a bsp gig in cardiff two years ago. a mate of mine was raving on and one about them. they were allright. but the backup for bsp were THE KILLERS. honestly i enjoyed the killers more and that was the first time i discovered the killers. so imagine that. bsp started out bigger than the killers. thats the way things go sometimes....

Jon said...

Yeah that was in 2003. Well IMO The Killers' materials were quite accessable unlike BSP but despite that I enjoy The Killers quite a bit too. Remember when I got Hot Fuss just couldn't stop listening to it. But I've never been to any of their gigs.