Friday, August 26, 2005

Tube Relief: Am back

Just got back from Upminster. Thanks to Helene for letting us hitch a ride back to Ealing.

5am Amersham. 1am Upminster.

It has been a long day. Will blog about it once I recover.

But just to let you know - we did not manage to visit every single tube station. :(

We did manage around 250 stations but due to a combination of bad lucks (suspensions, delays), lack of proper planning and incompetence (in my part!) etc. some routes had to be cut off to make time for Upminster. (eg. Piccadilly Line route to Heathrow)



Annie Mole said...

Well done anyway Jon and Jenni - just shows how hard the full challenge is and shows that it is something worth sponsoring and not just a bunch of people sitting around on the tube.

Hope to see you at the party on Saturday!

Jon said...

;) See you there!