Tuesday, August 9, 2005


Relatives of mine has suffered under the Japanese rule in Malaya. I was told by my late grandmother that people were being taken away from their homes by the Japanese and never seen again.

All that and I still think Hiroshima and Nagasaki were wrong just as the fire bombing of Dresden was wrong. The mere creation of an atomic bomb is wrong. Albert Einstein was wrong to persuade Roosevelt to begin the Manhattan Project.

Out of fear of Nazi Germany they begin the creation of the most destructive weapon man would ever fear. And then promtly tested it on two Japanese cities, with Nagasaki being the 'accidental' civilian target due to 'fortunate' weather.

There are many people who proclaims that it was the right thing to do, including those who dropped the bombs. It never was. There is never a right thing to do in war.

All the atrocities committed, like the rape of Nanjing, by Japan on Asia should not be forgotten but we must forgive. Which was why I do not understand the need to continue demanding apologies. But it is time to admit that all that happened in the second World War - whichever side you are on - was wrong.


Kervin said...

No atrocities should ever be glorified for whatever reason. No doubt the Americans can speak that the bomb help saved the lives of countless citizens that might be lost in an invasion of Japan, yet tell that to people who lost lives in the blast, of those suffering from radiation sickness and babies born with conginetal defects. The Japanese might have commited their share of wrondgdoings during the war which we should not take light just because of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Yet the lesson learnt is that nobody benefits from war and it shows how far humans can go towards killing off one another. Lets hope we see the last of the bomb.

Jon said...

Here here.