Monday, August 8, 2005

Alabama 3 live at Ben & Jerry's Sundae on the Common

Alabama 3 came up next and they totally blew us away by outperforming (with their brand of good natured humour, energy, and cussing) even BSP's set. I do not know much about this band (apart from a couple of songs) but I am so going to get the Outlaw album. Here is a blurb from Ben & Jerry's Sundae handbook:

Alabama 3 know all about being outsiders. Taking an outlaw approach from the start across four infectious darkly humoured albums. Dropping subversive politics into sweet country verses, delivering sermons of love to the Godless masses and providing the theme to the 'The Sopranos'. Bus they also infiltrate the corridors of the mainstream. Like any countercultural, country & western techno outlaw band from Brixton.

Rock Freebase.

Larry Love.

Segs (L) and The Spirit (Orlando).

The Rev D.Wayne Love.

Calls for revolution.

The Mountain of Love.


mei xian said...

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Jon Choo said...

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mei xian said...

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