Friday, August 5, 2005

Music Review: Peter Doherty (Babyshambles) - 'Untitled' & Shaking And Withdrawn Megamix

Please excuse this rather late review. The acoustic albums has been out for quite some time now and is available on the Interweb and to download via BitTorrent (tracking at Andrew Kendall).

'Untitled' is the self-do acoustic LP by the myth known as Pete Doherty also known as the rock star who self-destruct (due to addiction) and features some pretty nice acoustic versions of classic Libertines hits such as Can't Stand Me Now and Music When the Lights Go Out, and his acoustic take on Babyshambles' (his current band) own Killamangiro.

Despite the title, Shaking and Withdrawn Megamix is anything but a 'mix' album. It follows the same acoustic format as 'Untitled'. Features including another acoustic rendering of Can't Stand Me Now (The Libertines' version is probably the best fucking track this side of the century).

Both albums features only Pete Doherty on a acoustic guitar. The albums were recorded live in a studio back to back (best if you listen to this with a gapless capable digital music player) so everything is recorded (such as the lighting up of a fag). In The Ballad of Grimaldi, Pete dropped his song book. Excrutiatingly insightfulness.

Okayness best describes both the album ('Untitled' being my prefered one) and I love the uncutness of it. Without pissy producers and sodding mixes you get to hear absolutely everything. Intimate. The songs are so-so. The best are those versions he did from when he was leading The Libertines and pretty much sums up where he is now, talented, creative, but still no where near when he was at his former band. Oh please, Carl and Pete make up! Now!

The rest seems to be mismash of redone Oasis like 'hits'. Not bad cuz I prefer his version better but still way off. Didn't I already mention I am no fan of acoustics (Ed: actually no, not on this blog anyway)? As much as I like the rawness an acoustic album can bring it just doesn't cut it - I need the drums and electricity. Oh well. Do check it out though.


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Sildenafil said...

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