Sunday, August 28, 2005

Tube Relief: Ric and Mark Whitby

When we were chatting with Ric during the post-event party yesterday evening, he mentioned to us that he appeared on the telly during the infamous (and so inaccurate) Mark Whitby's interview on the BBC after the Stockwell shooting.

The first reaction was no wonder he looked familiar! I believe him of course but I wanted to see it again just to be sure. There are no BBC News 24 archive on teh Interweb but look what I found:

BBC News - I saw Tube man shot - eyewitness - 'He looked like a cornered fox'

That is Ric! Behind the confused fella!

BTW an amusing story to share with some readers who may not yet have read Annie Mole's Tube Relief blog. I will just copy and paste here:
David and Ric arrived at Finchley Central on a High Barnet train which then departed.

They spoke to the station assistant (SA) to enquire when the next Mill Hill East train was, which was described as 19 minutes. This would really affect their progress getting back, so they looked very disappointed, as they had told him about the challenge. The SA then went away, (unbeknown to them, spoke to the control room) and came back and told them that the next train to arrive would be re-routed to Mill Hill East in 2 minutes time.

When it arrived, the driver announced the sudden change and massess of people poured off the train to await a High Barnet service and five people got on the train to Mill Hill East!!!!! How amazing is that????
I just heard on the news that Hurricane Katrina is slowly moving towards New Orleans where Tami hails from. I hope all goes well for Tami and her four Chihuahuas! If not I will do a whole Tube Relief just for her!


Annie Mole said...

Wow how freaky that Ric is in that picture. Well researched Jon.

Yes I hadn't really thought about Tami's dogs. Poor little things

Jon said...

Last I heard Katrina pretty much 'spared' New Orleans. So fingers crossed all will be well for her.