Friday, August 26, 2005

Film Review: Crash

*possible spoilers ahead*

Came back from the local theater and just watched Crash. The numerous posters of
Crash on the tube network finally got to me as did Annie's review.

You think you know who you are. You have no idea.

The narrative follows different sets of groups and attempts to connect the individuals in these groups with others for 24 hours in modern L.A. Get it? Good. Now moving on...

attempts to explore the inner thoughts of us human beings - that there is good and bad in all of us. No matter how liberal you think you may be, you would probably harbour a slight negative stereotyping on certain people.

There is the black detective and his thieving brother (and his theorist crime buddy); district attorney and his racist and posh wife; a racist cop and an idealistic liberal partner, a Hispanic locksmith; a black producer, who has an identity crisis on how blacks are supposed to act and a Persian whose shop got thrashed.

Reading some of the reviews in the papers, racism seems to be considered to be the topic of this film. That is a simple way of putting it really but it isn't 100% accurate. But I ain't going to get into the whole debate about the difference between racism and stereotyping, at least not today (too tired!).

Also the topic of racism/stereotyping isn't a big deal. in America - it
probably is. (I have been to L.A. only once and found the people wonderful) Living in London I never notice these thing even though I am a Malaysian. Perhaps the numerous viewing of British comedy got into me. I don't know. But it isn't a subject I really care about - perhaps Daily Mail readers would.

While the film explores the subjects of racism and bigotry there are a couple of funny moments:

Kim Lee: Choi Jin Koh! Choi Jin Koh! Choi Jin Koh! Choi Jin Koh!
Nurse: Do you speak English?
Kim Lee: I'm speaking English you stupid cow, my husband name Choi-Jin-Koh.

Performance wise it is okay. I think great acting by Matt Dillon, Ryan Philleppe and Don Cheadle. You won't see much acting by Brendan Fraser (he should stick to comedies) or Sandra Bullocks - but that is probably expected as both are in complete reversal of their usual stuff.

Crash isn't 'moving' as say...21 Grams. Sure in this day and age of Hollywood PC, political incorrectness films should be welcomed. But intelligent script can't save an average plot. Impact wasn't there in the faces of white, black, asian, middle-eastern and oriental people, as we filled out of the theater.

But it was good for what it was. The hype can be distracting, so ignore the 'intelligent message' that the filmmakers are trying to say and enjoy the film.


Annie Mole said...

Interesting - I thought it was the best film I had seen all year and people who left my cinema were all talking about it excitedly.

I think it depends on how many reviews you've seen before you see it. I went quite soon after it opened and hadn't read any reviews so didn't know what to expect. So I think you're right about saying that reviews can sometimes be a bit distracting.

OMIGOD as I'm typing this there's an ad for Crash on the radio - how spooky is that???

Jon said...

:) I was certaintly distracted by all the reviews on the Standard/Metro etc.

d4g said...

I saw this movie waaay back in april and I absolutely loved it...the way they depict the tension among different races is kinda like reality, it's just amazing and wonderful!!

9/10 for me!