Sunday, August 14, 2005

Eastbourne International Airshow & Beachy Head, Eastbourne trip

East Dean:

Beachy Head:

The above two pictures are of the Eurofighter Typoon. This is the first time I have seen them in 'action'. The agility is too awesome to describe and the noise is simply magnificant.

This, I am 95% certain, is a RAF Supermarine Spitfire. When I was a kid in Malaysia I used to read up on the Spitfires and how they defended Britain from German bombers during the second World War. A magnificant and beautiful flying machine.

A Merlin HC3 flexes its muscle while we were climbing down.

A Tornado GR4?

Seven Sisters from the bus:


Jay said...

Tee hee - did you see anyone jumping off Beachy Head?

Jon said...

Sadly non.

kept said...

is it true that Westlife shot their "flying without wings" videoclip here? i mean at seven sisters/beachy head?

Kat said...

Beachy Head! Why are your pictures nicer than mine? *sulks*

Jon said...

Kept: Westlife? not sure. Never seen the clip. Sorry!

Kat: I took 150 pictures that day so it was a hit or miss moment.

Jon said...

BTW this is my first time to Beachy Head. Can't believe I never bothered to go. Living in London/Brighton sometimes I just take for granted life here.

Saturday we just decided to jump on the number 13. Did not know there was an airshow but what a lucky coincidence! Last day too!

Aimi & Indah said...

Jon: Me not sure either ;) coz my fren told me that. Me & my gf (she's studying in Brighton) went to Beachy Head, Birling Gap & Seven Sisters last June. I like the place very much. We plan to go there again in 5-6 years more to view the erosion of the cliffs. Did u took the open top bus from brighton? If u havent visit Devil's Dyke, i recommend u to go there too... - KEPT

Jon said...

Oh shit! A Malaysian in Brighton. Is your partner studying in UoB? Maybe she met Jen before.

Nope, no open bus to Beachy Head, I think they were only running open buses to Devil's Dyke that day.

Nice blog. ;)

Flim Flam Man said...
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