Monday, August 15, 2005

District Line trip

Saw this last Friday on an untreated District Line train. Seems like a pretty normal notice.

Apart from the fact that the sign was above a door! How silly of LU.

Today I had the chance to ride in one of the District Line's D-stock refurbished train (car no 7002). The interior has been brushed up with new seats (including tip-up seats similar to those on the Northern Line) and the inside repainted. The livery now sports the red/blue London Underground colours. About bloody time.

A new dot matrix information display is also visible. The grab poles were painted green (to match the line colour on the Tube map).

The refurbishment is being done by Metronet and these trains will continue to be in service till 2013 when new fleets are brought in. Initially the cleaned up trains were running on the District Line services to Olympia but it seems that some has now sneaked onto the Acton Town route.

No pictures but there are some here at Going Underground. (More here)

Also on the bus today I passed through Stockwell Tube station. It is heartwarming that people are still leaving flowers and notes at the station where Jean Charles de Menezes was killed.


UnimateD said...

~ I guess I'm just gonna reply your message here....

we have lots of pretty good bands down here.. but up to this date I like to listen to Eskimo Joe (fave track: From The Sea) and Little birdy(fave track: relapse) I dunno how well these bands are known down there, but I think you might have heard of this rising band called Youth Group, they just got back from tour in Europe. The track "Skeleton Jar" is awesome I think, you might still be able to listen to it on NME site... or just go to their website...

hey umpphh.. have you listened to The Rakes? most of the tracks in their newly launched album (Capture/Release) are pretty good I think... go try... cheers. ~

Jon said...

Cheers mate. Aussie bands haven't got much publicity here and will sure to check em out. I download a couple of The Rakes tracks (deleted) and like what I heard. Will get the album the moment I can.