Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Book Review: Yes Man

The amazing tale of what happens when you decide to say... YES!

An extremely funny book. Anybody who has read Join Me would probably know that Yes Man is another classic Danny Wallace boy project - much like his current BBC's How to Start your own Country programme or his latter Are you Dave Gorman? pub project.

Having been dumped by Hanne, Danny Wallace has been saying 'No' to alot of things. No to stag nights. No to pubs. No to friends. No to doing things you would never do - like flying to Singapore for no reasons. One day on a bus a life changing conversation with a 'teacher' led him to his new manifesto for life.

While funny there are a couple of, what I suspect, lies in the book. I wouldn't have suspect that Danny with all his brilliance would have felled over through e-mail scams on rich dead Sultans and Spanish Lottery. He was probably pulling a fast one on us readers and I don't believe them one bit.

Much like a proper book, there would be a villain that appeared around half-way through the book in his/her/their attempt to scupper Danny's new 'Yes' regime.

As with Join Me, Hanne and Ian appears quite regularly. With Hanne now single and able to meet with other men, Danny would find it hard to sort out his new love interest.

I have been thinking alot recently about when I said 'Yes' to
Tube Relief. I am glad I did it. Without Tube Relief we wouldn't have raised money for the victims and family of the London bombings and we wouldn't have met great and wonderful people.

While this book did not influence my decision to participate in Tube Relief (I read it in early August after committing myself to Tube Relief), it made me realised that I have been saying 'No' to alot of things.

Soon after Tube Relief, Jenni asked whether I would love to attend Hogmanay New Year celebration in Scotland. I have been saying no to her for four years because I just love to spend New Year in London. But being the good sport I promised to be, I said 'Yes' this time round. And I am looking forward to it!

Read the book. Though not as outrageous as Join Me, it is still a bloody funny book. Just say 'Yes'!


wonderful-electric.co.uk said...

Hogmanay has to be done at least once a year. And you won't fail to fall in love with Edinburgh. I think.

What is there to do in London on NYE anyway ?!

Jon said...

Getting pissed with friends. :)