Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Music Review: Franz Ferdinand - You Could Have It So Much Better

I never really got into Franz Ferdinand's universally acclaimed hyped-up eponymous album. Call me silly but I am pretty much sick of Take Me Out every time some bastard of a DJ decides to play it on the radio.

Perhaps Franz Ferdinand deserves to be credited of reviving Britain's indie rock scene. Supported by a small label, they managed to climb out of Britain's 2004 rock dump and at the same time giving the less dreaded R&B scene (hiss!) a good kicking. Oh, they also won the Mercury Prize. The industry stood up and took notice. Just look at this year's Mercury Prize nomination.

Anyone with a telly would probably hate Do You Want To by the time you read this. A corker of a single it has been gracing MTV and the such for the past two weeks. Bad/Good news, the rest of You Could Have It So Much Better doesn't disappoint either.

Franz Ferdinand has also been doing a little of experimenting. On Eleanor Put Your Boots On and Fade Together in came piano numbers - a little like listening to a slightly better Beatles. No fear for fans of hard hitting riffing - those are still present most notably in I'm Your Villain.

Like their debut album, I started out disappointed. Yes I was a closet Take Me Out fan (although I think Auf Achse and The Dark of the Matinee are far superior), but it did take a couple of concentrated sittings to sort out the musical melee.

Big on funky and groovy beats coupled with tight guitar riffs, excellent for dancing about if you are a closet pop fan (admit it, you all enjoy Britney Spears - and even dance to them) but want it indie. In fact you probably won't feel as guilty.

Nothing overtly original in this LP. It is pretty damn similar to the debut. And that may be a winner - if you are into songs written for dancing girls. Come on. I know you all do.

Best tracks: This Boy (a superb punk rock number) followed by Walk Away


Anonymous said...

I bought it on monday and now it is sold out! Enjoyed it so much. Fast paced and funky guitars beats. The lyrics are great too!

Noodl3zz said...

~ this album SUPERRB!!!! ~

Jon Choo said...

Agree. That this is much better than the first one (it's good but way way way overrated).