Monday, October 10, 2005

God of War mini-review

God of War is a rare event in gaming. It is an action game. It is a fun action game. It is a good and fun action game. In fact, it is a bloody fucking good and fun action game. And it deserves all the praises one can heap upon on a computer game.

The gameplay is similar to Devil May Cry in that it is a button masher. Technically it is actually more complicated than that as combat involves strategy unlike most other games within the hack and slash genre. The plot is highly polished for this type of game, which is surprising. Even then the gameplay isn't as difficult as Devil May Cry, and it certainly is far more forgiving.

God of War's storyline is slightly more comprehensive than Devil May Cry or Ninja Gaiden series, as it borrows a lot from Greek mythology. Gore features heavily in the game and this may put off some people. Unfortunately the game is a little too short and too linear. Exploration is none-existent. But trust me while this game lacks some substance, it excels above all else in providing entertainment to the gamer.


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