Thursday, May 12, 2005

Big Brother

Oh boy, here we go again. The Big Brother one second ad spot on Channel 4 has been popping up quite regularly now which only means that the latest mind nubbing reality TV based on a tired formula is about to hit our screens.

Like it or hate it we can't escape it. Yes we all have to join together and find out which ten tossers are about to reveal their entire life to the nation in order to win a pale sum of £70k.

ITV has been broadcasting Celebrity Wrestling for some time now. Yes I can choose to ignore them, but I can't choose to ignore those bloody ads they have decided to plaster over BT public phone boxes. And what is this...Celebrity Love Island! Good grief, another reality TV production full of D-list celebs I assume.

five is even more guilty when it comes to reality TV featuring so called celebs. The Farm features god knows who. I caught about five minutes of the opening night and they have this black bloke who wears fur and a giant clock on his front. Another weirdo was carrying some kind of green mutilated duck toy. The only "celeb" I have ever heard of is Emma B, a babe actually, the only D-list celeb on the list.

And remember five's All New Cosmetic Surgery?

There is no escaping dumb TV this summer. Even if we turn off our TV, the discussions will rage on on radios, magazines, teh interweb and papers.


Kat said...

I've managed to escape the ads and Celebrity Wrestling so far. *grin* Probably because I don't watch TV these days, except for Channel 4 news and Question Time. Boris Johnson was on QT yesterday and he's lovable as usual. heh.

Cypher said...

Arggh! You Brits have caused your malaise that is Big Brother to come to our shores as well. And what's more, this moronic series was quite a hit in its first season last year! So now they've just released a second excruciating season! Uuuhh, with twin-swapping this time! How riveting...

I think I can venture a guess that the only reason people watch this season is:

1. The shower scenes
2. The sex scenes

Makes you wonder are those girls on it so desperate for movie offers that they resort to whoring on national tv.

Jon Choo said...

Big brother is a Ducth idea so don't blame us British residents. :)

Kat, me too on Question Time