Sunday, May 22, 2005

Vodafone Simply

Vodafone has launched two new mobile phones aimed at people who wants only voice and text messaging services. All the usual tech bullshit such as MMS (which baffles even me), Java, shitty camera etc. are ommited. Some of us might scoff at the idea of a stripped down mobile but I understand where Vodafone is heading here what with their target audience, mainly the elderlies. Many OAPs are so reluctant to use a mobile phone even in cases of emergencies because it is just too difficult for them to handle.

I do think that £80 is a little too expensive even if it is just prepay and has a nice design (VS2). If they sell it for £50 or less, then this would be the perfect summer festival "throw-away" mobile which you can donate to technophobia relatives.

More here.

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