Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Stalking Pete Doherty

Bad film-making and media journalism. That was the topic of Stalking Pete Doherty (Channel 4, 10pm 17th May). That and Pete Doherty.

The documentary follows a 'four eyed Brummie Jew', Max Carlish, a lecturer in media in his attempt to film, get an interview and stalking the ex-Libertines frontman, Pete Doherty.

Carlish who is a former Bafta winning documentary maker suffers from a mental disorder and chose Pete as his comeback documentary subject. Acting like a crazed fanboy, Carlish slimmed his way into Doherty's inner circle during his widely published 2004 troubles when he was dealing with the abuses of heroin.

Soon due to Max's unsurprisingly attitude the whole venture starts to fall apart, was denied access and ended up with him selling pictures of Pete Doherty's heroin taking to the tabloids after Kate Moss entered Pete's life (which ignited the tabloids interest). Carlish was supposedly beaten up by Pete although all charges has since been dropped.

An enjoyable programme especially considering that there wasn't much on tonight. Me being a Pete Doherty/Libertine fan of course wouldn't pass this although I had to persuade Jennifer to the telly.

I thought that Max Carlish deserves a slap. Any deserving documentary maker wouldn't bring him/herself that low just to air a documentary. Carlish lives with his mum, dances in his own flat, has no friends and is a media lecturer who calls his students 'mates'. A general tosser was what I saw in him. I do pity with his disorder. But that doesn't make him less of a twat.

Pete Doherty appears on this seasons Arena Homme magazine.

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