Wednesday, May 18, 2005

i-mate JAM Rom update

I just applied the Rom update on my i-mate JAM (Rom 1.11.00, Radio 1.11.00, ExtROM UK 1.11.179). The new ROM supposedly contains audio enhancement for voice calls, improved Cell Broadcast and Sim toolkit, new MMS client and bluetooth bux fix. Don’t know how good the MMS client is since I did not install it.

For those planning to install the new Rom update, it is okay to reinstall your Sprite Backup file over the newly updated JAM rather than going through the process of clean installing your applications. Some operating system hacks may not reinstall on Sprite restore but those are minor issues.

My JAM's upgrade did go through a couple of hitches. The update software hunged (I did not realised until 15 minutes later) when it was preparing to flash the PDA phone and I had to reboot my PC. Since my JAM was in update mode, it also froze.

It would not accept power from the battery and required me to connect via USB to reboot. For a couple of minutes I really really thought that I had ended up with an expensive paperweight because the mobile did not properly reset, rather just displaying the word 'USB'.

Anyway I calmed down and copied the software from my flash drive to my harddrive and executed the application from there instead. My JAM was detected even though it wasn't 'turned on'. Lucky.

20 minutes later the thingy was fully updated. I restored from my backup file and connected to GPRS to synchronised the time with an atomic clock.

A minute later I had five text by mates who were trying to raise me. I had an emergency damn it! I was resuscitating my bloody mobile?

Anyway a good news. Jennifer has decided to join me at the dark side and migrate to Windows Mobile. Come August/September she will take ownership of my JAM and will hand over her K700i and Tungsten T3 to her dad. I am hoping that HTC's 3G VGA WM2005 wonder (but ugly) 'Universal' PDA will be out by then. Fingers crossed!


Kat said...

lol.. I have no idea what you were talking about. Guess it's still a long time before I join the darkside. :)

Anonymous said...

same thing happened for me i thought it fvked up.
except i was already running the update prog from hdd.
tried killing the update prog and running it again and it worked.
fvcked up imate software...

Jon Choo said...

I think this may be my last HTC product.