Saturday, May 7, 2005


Star Wars

Star Wars III... the ads has now proliferated. You just can't stand them can you? The film will be released May 19th. I know... such a super nerdy movie should not deserve an entry in this blog. *

Yesterday's Guardian supplement (Friday Review) has a funny feature by Tim de Lisle where he listed 40 reasons to hate the franchise. It is a bloody funny piece and some of the entries I totally agree with. Lets face it, the last two prequels were pretty weak no?

10) The thing Yoda does

The font of all wisdom, the teachers' teacher, is Yoda, a big eared, green skinned, 900-year-old elf. A problem with the English language has he. Plonking platitudes he generally utters. Spot this in case we, an amusing quirk he has been given. Sentences he chops in half! Then back together puts! The way round wrong! "The Force I sense in you," says he. "Teach you more, I can." Later, himself he excels: "Hard to see the Dark Side is." It was impossible to imagine a more irritating character - but Lucas managed it (see 27).

Speaking of The Guardian, I am beginning to get fed up with the broadsheet size paper. Anybody who ever tried to read broadsheet on a bus full with commuters would know what I mean. It is much easier to read The Independent's tabloid compact size papers. Hurry up and release the Berliner version already.


Michael Howard to resign! At least some good news has come out by this election.

Who should replace him?

Boris Johnson who else? He might be a Tory but he is young, cool and isn't so much to the right. I mean he even attacked the Preventation of Terrorism Bill (okay he supported the war). He isn't my favourite guy (none of the Tories are) but he will be able to inject some fun back into front bench politics.

*Okay, I don't hate Star Wars, but you have to admit it is getting a little tedious. I am glad that this will be the last one - well until George Lucas releases a 'special edition' version.


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I know what you mean by broadsheet papers. I only buy compact now, well, except for the Sunday papers. :)

I like Boris Johnson, but I still can't see him as a Tory leader, not yet anyway.

I'm not saying anything about SW. :P

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Anyone wants Star Wars spoilers?