Saturday, May 21, 2005

Asda 'Star Wars' and Pasar Malam in Colindale

I was at Asda Colindale and there was this guy trying to get 7.50 off the original Star Wars trilogy DVD boxset because he has an official coupon voucher (which also required a ticket stub). The cashier claims that knows of no such offer (despite being surrounded by posters advertising the offer!). It took about five minutes for the poor guy to get his purchase because the cashier had to call his manager twice! This is no surprise as Asda is owned by Walmart of USA and is generally one of the no frills supermarkets run in the same way as McDonalds in the fast food market.

To those who happens to be in London, why not visit Oriental City today. There is a 'Pasar Malam Special' Malaysian 'Nite Market currently underway up till 8pm BST. Highlights include and I quote from the leaflet here: 'Malaysia's Most Popular Recording Band - Alley Cats' with 'VIP seats at 5quid for person in front of stafe' I have seen the seats. It's not much and you can stand and watch for free closer to the stage. There will be three shows up till 7pm.

On the outside in the car park where the durian and satay stall is situated, there would be food and deserts to try out. When I was there they were just preparing and the Pasar Malam style stalls were just being erected. I might head back there later in the evening if it is not raining.


Vernon said...

Oriental City in Colindale is pretty cool. Used to drop in once in a while when I was there. At least that's a place where you can get 'teh tarik' and some char kuay teow. The nasi lemak is mean too!

Used to also frequent Holiday Villa for late night teh tarik. :)

Those were the times!

Kat said...

lol. Alley Cats?!?! Guess I just have to give it a miss. :P Man, I miss satay.

Anonymous said...

ai, wasted.. if only i saw ur blog earlier den i can make my way der.. too late for dat now :(

Anisah said...

Ahhh.. I thought you'd blog it. I met one of the stall holders the day before, he told me about it. It would have been nice to go. But alas, I chose to go to St. Thomas Hospital (Tommy's) to watch a promenade play, Physic Lies A Bleeding. It's 300 odd years old, but only received it's world premier yesterday. I'll blog it soon, but not today. Tonnes of work waiting to be done (on a Sunday!) (sigh)

Jon said...

Vernon, the teh tarik is a little overrated. But the Kuay Teow is excellent. Not as good as when the owner took over the old Bah Kuh Teh store and for a limited time sold Malaysian style Kuay Teow.

Kat, no idea who Alley Cats are. I have a vague representation of how they look like but to as what kind of music they play, totally clueless!

Anonymous, don't worry...I myself did not attend.

Anisah, sounds interesting. I will read your report on your blog since I can't find any info on the interweb.