Thursday, May 12, 2005

Glazer wins control of Manchester United

I am surprised that no one (or maybe I missed it) pinged this at yet, so let me be the first Malaysian blogger (who pings PPS) to bring you this exclusive (if no one has actually pinged PPS) news: American Malcolm Glazer now owns 62% of Manchester United.

*Chuckle* Okay, I am not really a fan of Manchester United (used to be, but I don't watch footie as often nowadays) so there you go. This is not surprising to say the least. Manchester United has been going down all season and even lost to Chelsea's 'reserve' team a few days ago.

Of course I am opposed to Glazer's bid. Football clubs should be that, clubs. Manchester United should be Manchester United Football Club. It used to be about footie. Now it is about building casinos and serving prawn sandwiches and whining rich footballers (Roy Keane) who earns a week what most earn in two years.

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vincent said...

Its not a football club. Its a brand. Thats why a few years ago, they changed their logo from Manchester United Football Club to Manchester United.

Building a brand is probably the smartest and most original thing ever done by a modern football club. It bring in revenue (yes to fill the pockets of shareholders) to fund players' transfer fees. That is why nobody could afford to throw their money around. The Italians did it and got burned big time.