Monday, May 23, 2005

Music Review: Razorlight - Up All Night

I have been listening to Razorlight's Up All Night for three weeks now. This album came out last year but my ignorance to indie rock and my general shield from the hype of NME magazine meant that this slipped through my radar.

The production is very good, the sound is reasonable. The indie rock sound is not overtly creative although it is pretty catchy. Originality isn't what it is.

If you are into bands like Snow Patrol, Keane, Kasabian then by no means get this. It will serve your need. However if you have yet to start your collection on any 21st century Britrock albums, best start with The Libertines, The Strokes or White Stripes.

As for me, this is not a bad album. Just sound tired. I won't be putting this on my ultimate playlist. It deserves play from time to time. After my dabble with other new wave (which were hyped up by NME as well) of Britrock bands like British Sea Power and Bloc Party I have to admit my expectations were a little higher. If I bought this album when it came out in June 2004 I might actually like it. Alas that did not happen.



Noodl3zz said...

~ I think Bloc Party sux.. as well as The Bravery, of all the fuzz about Bravery vs Killers in few NME issues, I would have to go with The Killers..

I have to agree with ur say on Razorlight debut album.. its just average eh.. but if u crave for sounds like that listen to HOT HOT HEAT, Canadian Indie band.. err.. I would say 6.5/10 :D.. cheers.. ~

Jon Choo said...

The Killers all the way, that is for sure.