Sunday, May 22, 2005

Eurovision 2005

Hmm... the four Western Europe powerhouse (Spain, United Kingdom, France, Germany) got the final spots in tonight's Eurovision contest as Eastern European nations dominated the contest. This despite being the top contributors to Eurevision (so says Terry Wogan). European wonder many hate em.

I won't go into the politics of Europe since Eurovision is supposed to be just for fun (despite me having a grumble that one of the country that got into the top 10 is not even in Europe). The 50th Eurovision winner is a Helena from Greece (congratulations) hence next year's competition would be held in Athens.

To tell you the truth I wasn't really interested in the whole thingy. I watched Britain's performance but kept switching to other channels instead (I decided that Tom Clancy's Patroit Games, despite being the 12th time I watched this, is better than Eurovision). I would usually watch Eurovision with Jennifer but because she's going to Rouen tomorrow we didn't meet up this weekend.


Anisah said...

Patriot Games was a much better choice. I only found out Helena of Greece (how Helenic!) won today whilst listening to the morning news on BBC. By the way, which tube station do you reckon the Irish bookseller went into? It has a round stairwell, a deep station. It's near the West End (I think). The trains (in)conveniently do not have the usual line colours, and don't spot the usual blue and red tube colours.
My housemate and I noted one geographical error. Sean Miller (played by Sean Penn) escaped whilst being transported to a jail on the Isle of Wright, which a CIA agent said was near Kent! How far off.

Jon said...

The tube station is Aldwych, a stone's throw from Covent Garden. It is not used anymore and is mainly a film set nowadays. Most recently appeared in the Anglo German horror flick Creep. The other station with round stairs that I can think of is Queensway.

About the Isle of Wight error. Well you know how CIA and Hollywood always get things wrong. ;)