Thursday, May 26, 2005

Telemarketing bastards and a gashed mobile

Arghh… I hate all those telemarketers swamping my phone with automated computerised calls!!! Yesterday I received five bloody phone calls from these scums! In fact I accidentally dropped my fucking mobile because of them. Now my JAM contains a gash half an inch long. Fuckers...

According to other clumsy owners at xda-developers HTC will replace the case but it will cost me 50quid! Greedy bastards. Not only that, it has to go to their service center in Dubai! The damage is mainly cosmetic but the plastic part is dangerously cracked. I am going to have to get some strong glue tomorrow to hold it together. Hopefully it can last.

I can’t understand how the case can crack. It fell on a carpeted floor from a height of only two feet. I remember dropping my Sony Ericsson T610 onto hard concrete from five feet and it survived with only scratches. And my old Nokia survived a eight feet drop onto the carpet with zero injuries. Bah, all these Taiwanese products really lack quality.

Btw, congratulations to Liverpool on the win. The real battle however will be persuading the FA and UEFA to allows them to defend the title next season. Which looks pretty unlikely...

Recommended telly from today:

Middle Sex, Channel 4, 9pm
Antony Thomas's documentary on people who are born neither male or female and other transexual people including Thai lady boys.

Question Time, BBC1, 10.35pm
As France moves to the 'non' vote on the European Constitution referendum, David Dimbleby chairs a studio debate in Paris. Shockingly the elderly are more inclined towards the 'oui' vote. Personally I am for a European reunification but I think a more socially liberal referendum is more suited for Europe.

The Invisible Circus, Channel 4, 3.20am
TV premiere starring Cameron Diaz and Christopher Eccleston in this Jennifer Egan's film adaption. Based around the premise of a young teenage girl trying to retrace the footsteps of her sister who died in Europe years ago.


Rover's Billion Pound Blunder, BBC2, 7pm
Quentin Sommerville investigates the self destruction and subsequent collapsed of the Birmingham based British car manufacturer.

Big Brother: Live Launch, Channel 4, 9pm
Davina presents her sixth UK Big Brother. Watch. Laugh at the wannabees then switch to...

The Kumars at No 42, BBC1, 9.30pm
New series. Moved channels from BBC2 to BBC1 although still based in Wembley. The spoof chat show still features Sanjeev Bhaskar but this time is joined by new wife Meera Syal. Former hellraiser Alice Cooper appears.

Remember E4 will be on freeview from Friday…


Tutankhamun Exhumed, Channel 4, 8pm
Documentary charting the exhumation of the body of the mummified teenage boy.

Pulp Fiction, BBC3, 9.50pm
Another chance to catch Samuel L. Jackson acting tough. Pitty his silly self in the new Star Wars.

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