Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Queensway station closed - for 12 months!

I have known about this for some time (with all the prior announcements in the papers) but I was still surprised to find out that Queensway underground station will be closed for 12 months (from yesterday).

Queensway is one of the most popular stations on the Central Line as many tourists and students choose to live there. Nothing amuses me more than the resulting havoc created for Malaysian students still insisting on living in the 'hip' and expensive Bayswater area, now forced to walk to another Central Line station or take the Circle Line from Bayswater station.

Queensway (pic source: backtolondon)

I only visit Bayswater once every two months in order to indulge myself in duck rice as Magic Wok (Four Seasons is overrated) so it won't really affect me. Still from now on I have to disembark at Notting Hill or Lancaster Gate and walk the five minutes just to eat. Mind you the last time I was at Magic Wok the duck is becoming a little less meaty. Lazy buggers. The ducks I mean, not the chefs.

Twelve months is a mighty long time to fit in a new lift, paint the place up, fit in some new tiles etc. but the station is old so maybe the modernisation should be welcomed. I really should be glad. Once when the lifts were down we had to walk up the stairs in order to reach the surface. Not as torturous as climbing up the steep St. Paul's Cathedral when I was doing research there, but it is still bad enough.

On the other hands, pity those poor souls working at Heathrow Terminal 4, closed for 20 months from January this year!

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c0y0t3 said...

hm..less meats..it might actually means that they are becoming more active now (more exercise for human means leaner body - i thought it might work the same with ducks..)..

Jon said...

Whatever does ducks are doing that Magic Wok (or Four Seasons) have, they (the ducks) are not having enough sex!